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Welcome, Fellow RPG Geeks!

If you're reading this, you've obviously found my strange little corner of cyberspace dedicated to RPG stuff. This space is a never-ending work in progress. It's a space where I can play. It's a place where I can indulge my love of creating game content and not feel that it's just an excercise in mental masterb... er... um... Not that there's anything wrong with masterb... but I digress. You, dear reader, are my excuse to indulge myself in creating RPG gaming content!

This is a space where I will post some of my favorite and/or most useful gaming materials. You, the lucky gamer who has stumbled upon my site, get the benefit of all my blood, sweat, and tears (when I get around to posting stuff anyway). All I ask in return is that you never use any content found here for profit. You can freely use what you find here in your personal and private games, but if you're going to make money off my work then I want a share. It might also be nice if you occasionally drop me an email encouraging my RPG addiction by saying "thanks for all your hard work," but that's not an absolute requirement.

What Kinds Of "RPG Stuff" Am I Gonna' Find Here?

There are two major types of content you'll find here: (1) you'll find the results of my creative genius (tongue firmly in cheek) both as a player and a DM and (2) tools to help you play RPGs like character sheets, spreadsheets (math is hard!), and the like. Everything will be organized into game system or genre. Use the links on the map to the left to follow me in to the depths of my addiction.

What Is "Xurth" Anyway?

When I started playing D&D in high school we played in a world of our own creation. We called it "Urth." (We might have gotten that from a book somewhere, but I'm not sure.) Anyway, when the time came to reserve a corner of cyberspace for my gaming stuff, I naturally thought of the world I grew up in. Unfortunately the URL for urth.com was already taken, and so I started trying alternates. I ended up with xurth.com. (No, it's not a very exciting answer, but it's the answer nonetheless.)

I suppose it's worth mentioning (if you've even read this far) that I had the grandest intentions of actually fleshing out the world of Xurth in its entirety and posting it online. I might still get around to it eventually. Maybe. ;)

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